nurinkhairi: November 2012

30 November 2012

Contest - Sharing Kleenex Softness with Ibu Emir

30 November 2012
At her age of 6 months old, dia sangat suka memegang dan mencapai barang. In particular, she loves anything paper more than she does her toys. That has made her become so fond of..

the Kleenex tissue box!

Indeed, I let her play with this box sampai terkoyak2 and dah kemek2.. nasib baik tissue ni untuk kegunaan rumah, bukan untuk tetamu atau dalam kereta.

I love the softness in every piece of tissue paper that Kleenex offers. My daughter can't help but loving it too.. loving the box that is!

Setakat ni je dah dua kotak tisu Kleenex yang dia dah 'lembut'kan. She will shake, press, throw, and even nibble!

Thank you Kleenex and ibuemir for organizing the contest :)

Kongsi kasih sayang bersama Kleenex dengan

Kali ni nak try join contest. Sambil join contest, sambil menderma ke tabung kebajikan. Anjuran pihak Kleenex Malaysia dengan blogger , setiap penyertaan akan menyumbang RM10  untuk bantuan amal Make A Wish Malaysia  untuk merealisasikan setiap impian mereka yang dimana antara mereka mempunyai penyakit yang merbahaya.

So I am supposed to post a photo yang menggambarkan suasana comel ataupun best. Mari tengok satu gambar yang saya rasa comel..

Gambar ni waktu kami sekeluarga pergi ke salah sebuah expo di KLConvention Center. Waktu tu saya terlupa bawak topi Aisyah. Hubby pakaikan bedung dia kat kepala takut dia sejuk, but as soon as dia gerakkan kepala dia, bedung tu jatuh and tutup muka dia. I managed to capture the moment - she looked sooo cute terkapai2 sebab tiba2 je suasana jadi hitam. 

Lagi satu, can you see the baby carrier that my Husband is using to carry little Aisyah? Lepas tinggalkan tempat ni kami pergi makan and letakkan dia atas stroller sebab dia tengah tidur. Tapi suami saya masih lagi pakai baby carrier tu. 

Saya komen aa kat dia "Abang, you look like a pilot, with the parachute". Cuba bayangkan sket, kan sama..dia punya strap tu kan nampak macam orang pakai payung terjun kan.. 

But he said "No. I am better than that"

"Apa dia?"

"I am a dad"

Heartwarming sangat dia cakap camtu :)

28 November 2012

Beautiful Feeling of Being A Mother

28 November 2012
When my husband and I were united in a matrimony, it did not cross my mind to extend our family so soon. I was barely a year old with the company and Husband is still undergoing his hectic housemanship. My colleagues consist of new and young engineers and our lunch table chats are not centered around diapers, breastfeeding and confinement. 

However it did not come as a shock that Husband voiced out that he wanted to start a family. I was of course, hesitated. I could not stand crying children and shy away from taking care of babies. How good of a mother I can be? How prepared would I be?

As our marriage entered 4 months old, I was confirmed to be pregnant. Tears swelled onto my eyes, no they weren't quite tears of happiness. I was sobbing every night in my sleep for the next couple of weeks upon discovering the news. I wasn't quite prepared yet to be a mother. 

Days and months passed by and I tried to build a love for my unborn child, yet I feel little. It wasn't until the day of my labour that the feeling came. As I was battling over life and death in the labour room, with my Husband next to me, I said to him during the final stage of labour, "I will try. I will try". I tried and I tried to push her out and finally there she was, out to the world and in my hands.

As she lied pronated on my chest crying and I looked into her eyes, I felt a sense of warmth. I was holding my child. My husband kissed me and said "I love you baby". Nurses and my gynae congratulated me - it was an easy birth, they said. 

I look at her, I feel so thankful to have given the chance to hold this baby in my hands, to see her first smile, to hear her first babble. To feed her when she is hungry. To nurse her when she is sick. And the best thing is to have her smiling and laughing as my Husband rolls her on the bed and carries her up in the air.  The worst thing, is to think of my past upon discovering the baby.

So mothers, if you feel what I felt before, please know that being mothers are a beautiful feeling. You'll discover very early or if you are like me, you will discover it at a time that I was. I have never stopped thanking God, for the beautiful gift He sent me. I will duly serve you Aisyah, as your mother. 

27 November 2012

Feeding On Bottles

27 November 2012
While I was in my confinement (pantang), it took me a while until it knocked me that I need to start to train her using bottles for feeding. It was at about the 3rd week or 4th week when I started, but due to kemalasan, they weren't frequent. It was also mainly because I got tired trying to feed baby Aisyah. She continuously refused being fed in bottles and cried and cried.

I was sorta taking advantage of having my husband feed her and deal with all the tantrums because there are tips on having somebody else, not the mother yang feed the baby. Because the baby would recognize his/her mummy's body smell and rasa pelik kenapa  guna cara yang dia tak familiar with. But his crazy working hours means he's always tired and not around. Jadi I wasn't disciplined enough to do it.

One month before I masuk keje semula, bells started ringing in my head. Panik gila. I had visions that I had to take some unpaid leaves (or worse, quit) sebab my baby couldn't feed EBM (expressed breast milk) on bottles therefore I have to be with her all the time. 

I turned to facebook to luahkan perasaan. My mak angkat back in my Sheffield days was one of those who responded. It was a very comforting and reassuring coment she  made. She said, "Teruskan (cuba bagi EBM), baby takkan biarkan diri kebuluran, when mum isn't there dia akan minum jugak"

It was a tough first week for Aisyah since I came back to work. But she has been OK since, and true enough to my mak angkat's word, my worry was shifted to maintaining EBM stock.

For those who worry about your baby not able to bottle feed, I say worry not. Please start bottle milk (EBM) very early and be persistent. InsyaAllah

15 November 2012

Mines South Lake Cruise

15 November 2012
And so on a Deepavali public holiday, two of my siblings, my mum, baby Aisyah and I went to Mines Shopping Centre. It has been so long since I last went there, thought the place already dead, but it wasn't quite, really. Tujuan pergi was to utilize free vouchers for 4 adults for Mines water cruise which Hubby and I obtained upon signing up for Palace Vacation Club.

Before that, kami sibuk jugak nak beratur for free Starbucks drinks . Each person received two drinks, so you see there was a very long queue in front and behind us. There were the Red Bean + Green Tea Frappucino and Caramel + Tea Jelly Frappucino, but we couldn't finish the green tea one..tak sedap.

Anyway, off we went for the water cruise. My sister's friend called it "longkang cruise". It wasn't far from the truth. The ride we got was free but people queueing in front of me paid hundreds (like RM 100-200) for their families to hop on. The ticket costed RM 30+ per adult, I felt it was a ripoff.

Dato' Kadir Sheikh Fadzil's house

Cruising through the canal, or should I say, through shops' backdoors?

It wasn't worth going. But hey, at least it's free.

06 November 2012

Claiming my Clinelle products

06 November 2012
So I finally managed to slip out of the office to claim my prize which I won about two weeks ago in a radio contest. Pergi awal just before 11am to avoid lunch rush and came back at 12.10 camtu. Of course being an honest employee, I covered the time taken for me to go out. I was working through lunch and after 5 pm. (Ala mananya pernah kami semua tak complete keje 8 jam sehari, terlebih2 ada lah..huh)

I was driving from KLCC to Tropicana City Mall, its head office. Agak jauh aa but thank god for the Sprint Highway, it took me only about 20 mins one way to reach the place. 

It was very quick, it took me less than 5 minutes to claim my prize.

Look what I was entitled to. 

  • Clinelle Ingenius Optimizer Daily Booster 
  • Clinelle Skin Smoothing Scrub
  • Clinelle SnoWhite Mask
  • Clinelle Hydra Firm Night Cream
Initially on the day, I call sebab nak dapat Clarins product, which was offered earlier than Clinelle, but on the same day. But I wasn't the 8th caller through, so I tried for Clinelle. Tiba2 rezeki dapat pulak..alhamdulillah.

I am not a skincare regime kinda person but I know I should somehow start. Minat jugak dengan Optimizer Daily Booster since it's meant for aging skin..haha. I guess I don;t have the boost coz my skin has been so perfect and smooth (err..perasan). Anyway, hope this is the boost I need. 

Thank you Capital FM.

03 November 2012

Renovation Expo and Mother Baby Kids Expo, Nov 2012 @ PWTC - verdict: Disapponting

03 November 2012
Just came back from there this evening. If you are contemplating to go there, I suggest you skip this one. Since there were two themes for the expo, lagi satu ada Mother, Baby and Kids Expo (MBK) from the same organizer, Hubby and I were expecting throngs of people. But it wasn't for the Renovation Expo, ni mesti sebab ada Homedec Part 1 and Part 2 just finished last week, so I guess the timing was really bad. 

The Renovation Expo was the bigger scale out of the two. Tapi sadly memang noticeably tak ramai orang. Expect a lot of vendors selling water filters and kuali, bukannya renovation per se pun. As for the Mother Baby Kids Expo, it was much smaller scale, tapi yang tu ramai orang, but still tak ramai macam kat Midvalley dulu (some motherhood expo or somethin)..since the last time any such event was in August kot kalau tak silap. 

And since the place was small, it was congested. Don't bring your pushchair if you have a baby carrier. You can circle the whole area in less than an hour and we were like, "Is that all?". Tempat untuk baby expo ni tak strategic - you gonna have to traverse through the whole Renovation Expo, seberang the sungai and naik tingkat atas untuk sampai baby expo. Untuk ibu mengandung, kesian tau.

I couldn't find what I wanted kat MBK expo. Kalau ada pun, harga dia tak la murah sangat pun compared to previous expo, so I ended up not buying what I targetted. I bought Aisyah's pyjama for RM 18.00 and Hubby bought a cap (RM 12 or somethin...)

All in all, it was a waste of my precious weekend with Hubby where it could be channelled elsewhere. We spent the rest of day got lost in traffic and trapped in traffic jam for 3 hours. It was a mix of a lot of traffic lights, sesat and accident at Jalan Tun Razak. Not a good day. I keep in mind that will not go for this organizer punya expo next time. That's how bad it made me feel. Haha.

Again, if you are contemplating to go, I suggest you go for a picnic instead. 
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